With over 80 years of proven performance, Lachhman Dass & Co. is the source for signage & brand Identity solutions that companies have come to depend upon most. We continue to provide a high level of performance that meets and exceeds customers expectations & develop ongoing partnerships.


We provide Signage & Corporate Identity products all over the country for Hotels, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Retail outlets, Educational institutions, Dealerships & others.


Scope: Custom and multi-location signage and display.


  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Conversion Programs

Other Services Provided:

  • Construction Drawings (CAD Produced)
  • Estimating / Budgeting
  • Site Audit Surveys



Total Program Management allows us to forecast, schedule, monitor and manage the time, cost, resources and risks associated with each program. Our expertise and systems supplement the client’s administrative processes, assuring a smooth flow of information and a successful program implementation.
Our entire organization is dedicated to providing to the specific needs of our clients. Project Management teams creatively tailor a program to fit a client’s individual needs.

Program Management Steps:

  • Site Surveys
  • Design Translation & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Site Surveys

The development of a new corporate image, redesign of an existing image, or conversion to a new branding standard requires professional surveys of each client location.
This survey ensures that all information regarding every facility is available to assist in evaluation, development and implementation of the overall program.

Design Translation & Engineering

A Signage program typically begins with design translation and prototyping. Our engineering organization provides the interpretation of graphics and branding for your identity program.
We utilize the latest technology to ensure graphic integrity and manufacturing consistency. India’s leading design firms depend on us for thoughtful translation of their work, so can you.


In manufacturing, we provide the most effective and efficient sign construction. To meet the product needs of our clients, we have strategically located manufacturing facility with a no. of dedicated employees.
We ensure cost-effectiveness, quality and on-time performance for the smallest to the largest programs.


We will use our in house installation crews or work with our vast affiliate network of installers. We provide installation services all over India.
Our implementation managers ensure that our clients’ programs are completed as scheduled.


We close the loop by providing turnkey maintenance services on contract.

i) Conversion Programs
The most important challenge facing our clients is the management of change. To meet this challenge, we have developed a disciplined project planning approach to meet and exceed our clients’ implementation expectations and continuing needs.
We have an infrastructure built to handle large sign conversion projects. Our unique quick start-up process provides for rapid response to site surveys through product development implementation. This has been repeatedly demonstrated with the large number of successful conversions that we have done.

ii) Designing Services
Our associates will help you convert your ideas & concepts into meaningful designs.

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